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Aggregates are available for pick up or delivery and placement. We also have equipment rental available for customers who want to do their own placement.

Black Dirt


Washed Sand

Class 5

Class 13

3/8" Pea Rock

5/8" Pea Rock

3/4" Crushed

3/4" Minus

1" Crushed

Scoria - Crushed

Scoria - Pit Run

Recycled Asphalt

Crushed Concrete



Please call for availability of other products and pricing.


701 - 842 - 3357

Aggregates are a group of coarse particulate materials used in a variety of industries such as construction,  landscaping, concrete, roadway and septic system. Some typical aggregates include: sand, washed gravels, pit run gravels, class 5, crushed stone, feature stone, slag, and recycled concrete. Aggregates are mined and used all over the world. Sand, gravel and stone quarries can be found near just about every population center.


Composite materials such as concrete and asphalt contain aggregates in varying sizes and quantities. Aggregates provide reinforcement and add strength to the overall composite material. Aggregates are widely used in drainage applications such as foundation drains, roadside drains, septic drain fields, retaining wall drains, and French drains. Aggregates are also used in the construction of railway bases, under footings in foundation work and roadway base construction. The overall properties of aggregate materials are predictable and quantifiable. These traits are useful to building and construction engineers of all types.

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